HBAR Price Eyes A 40% Bull Run With A New Triangle Break!

In essence of the overall market recovery, the HBAR price continues to gain bullish momentum to fuel the ongoing recovery rally. With high-speed recovery, the altcoin gives a breakout entry signal as the prices explode overnight. 

Moreover, with the price of Bitcoin hanging tight to the $37K mark, the altcoins are ready to skyrocket. Therefore, the possibility of an uptrend in Hedera market prices is growing significantly. 

Source- TradingView

The recovery rally in HBAR price prolongs with the overall market recovery to crack multiple overhead resistances. With remarkable growth over the weeks, the altcoin price reclaims the $0.060 mark and heads to the overhead resistance trendline. 

Facing enormous supply at the overhead trendline, the recovery rally takes a short pullback and retraces backward steps to regain momentum. Following the breather phase with a retest of $0.057, the buyers prolong the uptrend to fracture the resistance trendline. 

Giving a bullish breakout of the triangle pattern, the HBAR price trend increases and finds an additional breakout rally. Currently, the altcoin prices trade at $0.064 with an intraday gain of 3.66%, reflecting strong demand in action.

Technical indicator:

RSI indicator: The daily RSI line maintains a sideways trend but tracks the overbought boundary closely. Thus, the momentum indicator shows a bullish trend in motion.

EMAs: As the golden crossover occurs in the daily chart, the HBAR price is ready to gain momentum. 

Will HBAR Price Rise Above $0.075?

Following the triangle breakout and the golden crossover certifying a pivotal trend reversal, the HBAR price trend prolongs the dominant bull run. Moreover, the momentum increases with the overall market recovery, teasing a breakout rally to cross the $0.075 mark. 

Considering the buyers reclaim the $0.075 post, the high-speed recovery can cross the psychological mark of $0.10. 

If the buyers fail to dominate, the market price can plunge to $0.060.

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