Indian motorcyclist reaches Istanbul on world tour

Indian fitness coach Meenakshi Das embarked on a 77,000-kilometer (47,846-mile), four-month motorcycle journey to break a world record. Starting from India, the woman covered 18,000 kilometers and finally reached Türkiye on Monday.

Reflecting on her experiences during this journey, Meenakshi Das said: “Starting this journey four months ago was not easy at all. I first convinced my family, especially my 15-year-old daughter, then went through a serious preparation process.”

”I had a very comfortable journey in Türkiye in terms of both hospitality and technical support. This kindness and helpfulness really impressed me.”

Meenakshi Das, who set out from India on Dec. 10, 2023, arrived in Istanbul on June 3 after an 18,000-kilometer journey. Crossing Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Armenia and Georgia to reach Türkiye, the woman’s next destination after this will be Bulgaria.

Meenakshi Das, who loved Türkiye very much due to the hospitality and technical support opportunities she received here, unlike in other countries, plans to complete the remaining 59,000 kilometers within a year.

Tough journey

“Of course, the most important step was choosing the right motorcycle to withstand a world tour. At this point, I realized that the Bajaj Dominar D 400 was the right vehicle for me. Indeed, both the riding quality of the motorcycle and the opportunity to easily find mechanics showed how correct my decision was,” she said.

Expressing her admiration for the generosity of people in Türkiye, Das said: “I traveled thousands of kilometers until I reached Istanbul. I was caught in a storm in Saudi Arabia and had a minor accident due to snowfall in Armenia. It’s not possible to say that I received help in both countries. However, in Türkiye, I had a very comfortable journey in terms of both hospitality and technical support. This kindness and helpfulness truly impressed me. At this point, I would also like to thank the Kuralkan officials separately.”

Meenakshi Das, an Indian woman on a world tour on her motorcycle, is welcomed, Istanbul, Türkiye, June 3, 2024. (DHA Photos)
Meenakshi Das, an Indian woman on a world tour on her motorcycle, is welcomed, Istanbul, Türkiye, June 3, 2024. (DHA Photos)

Right motorcycle navigate travel world

“Choosing the right and reliable motorcycle can open the doors to a world tour for you. Of course, provided that you maintain regular maintenance. For example, I always carry maintenance and repair kits to prepare for any mishaps,” Das said.

“I have my motorcycle checked by mechanics in the countries I visit, and I travel with confidence; I rest my motorcycle every 200 kilometers, perform maintenance every 5,000 kilometers, and change my tires every 20,000 kilometers. With the right motorcycle and conscious maintenance, there is no distance you cannot travel.”

Sales marketing director Ekrem Ata, who also expressed that Meenakshi made the right choice of model in terms of ease of use, durability and driving pleasure, added the following: “As Kuralkan, we carry out the distribution of Bajaj in Türkiye. Having stepped into the automotive industry in 1950, Kuralkan, which has become one of the most preferred brands in the national and international markets over the years with its additional investments, distributorships it acquired, and its orientation toward new sectors, is also the manufacturer of Kanuni motorcycles.

“As a company that knows that a motorcycle is the vehicle of people who pursue passion and dreams, we are very pleased with Meenakshi’s arrival in Türkiye. With our 120 dealerships and over 300 authorized service points in Türkiye, we are working to make life easier for all motorcycle users who pursue their dreams like Meenakshi.”

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