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Optimism Has Carried Out Its Fourth Airdrop Distribution!

Optimism (OP) announced surprisingly last night that the fourth airdrop distribution has taken place. Here are the details!

More than 10 Million OP Distributed to Wallets!

Optimism, managed to make its users smile with the post it made last night. Layer-2 network Optimism announced that the fourth airdrop distribution has taken place.

The distribution involves the distribution of over 10 million OP to more than 22 thousand wallets. This amount corresponds to approximately 41 million dollars in value.

The Airdrop took place under the title of “A big community needs artists.” as the reward for their productivity on the Optimism network over the past year.

In the additional announcement made, it was stated that it is the first airdrop event on Optimism’s Superchain.

There Was Also Mention of Those Who Missed The Surprise Distribution!

In the sharing made, it was also referred to users who missed the fourth airdrop event. The Optimism team shared that distributions will take place throughout the Superchain and there is 560 million OP left for future airdrop events.

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In recent periods, OP, which has managed to maintain its popularity, managed to rise to the $4.2 level with the post titled “Optimism (Optimism) always wins.” made from X’s official account yesterday and the surprise airdrop news that came in the evening. It is trading at the $3.7 level at the time of writing.

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